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The Society has published one major book and six other booklets, as listed below

Title            (click on each for more details)     Price Post and packing*
Sheepscombe - one thousand years in this Gloucestershire valley 18.00  3.10
Sheepscombe School - A History 3.00 1.20
Sheepscombe Table Tennis Club 1935 to 2000 3.50 1.20
Workmans Wood  3.00 1.20
The History of Sheepscombe Cricket Club 7.00 3.10
The Wayside Cross - The story behind the war memorial  4.00 1.20
The Statesman from Sheepscombe -
The schoolboy diary of Lord Carlingford, 1838-1841
6.00 3.10

These may be obtained by sending a cheque,
payable to Sheepscombe History Society,
with your order to the Treasurer, Walter Roberts, at
Blackstable House, Longridge, Gloucestershire GL6 7QX

*The prices quoted are for postage within the United Kingdom.  To enquire about
postage rates for overseas purchases, or if you wish to buy more than one item, contact us